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3 Sentences Using Agreement

Agreement is a crucial aspect of effective communication, and it plays a significant role in both spoken and written language. In fact, it drives the overall cohesiveness of a sentence, ensuring that it makes sense and conveys the intended meaning.

Here are three sentences that demonstrate the importance of agreement in writing:

1. The company`s mission statement emphasizes collaboration, teamwork, and innovation as essential drivers for success.

2. After reviewing the proposal, the board of directors unanimously agreed to move forward with the project.

3. As a business owner, it`s essential to ensure that your marketing and advertising strategies are in agreement with your overall brand image and values.

In each of these examples, agreement is demonstrated through the harmony between the subject and its corresponding verb or adjective. Whether it`s a list of qualities, a group decision, or a reflection of personal values, agreement is the glue that holds a sentence together and makes it clear and effective.