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Serco Defense Contractor

Serco is a global defense contractor providing essential support services to various government agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries. The company offers a wide range of defense services that include air traffic management, logistics, cyber security, and intelligence analysis.

As a defense contractor, Serco works with the military and civilian government agencies to help them fulfill their missions and protect their respective nations. The company`s expertise in aviation and maritime services, engineering, and technology enable them to provide tailored solutions that meet their clients` needs.

In the United States, Serco provides support for the Federal Aviation Administration`s air traffic control system, which manages over 50,000 flights per day. The company also provides logistics and management support for the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Serco`s cyber security and intelligence analysis expertise are also highly valued by the governments they serve. The company`s cyber security services include threat analysis and detection, incident response, and security operations center support. Their intelligence analysis services provide tactical and strategic intelligence to support government decision making.

The company`s focus on innovation and collaboration with their clients has enabled them to develop cutting-edge technologies to better serve their clients. Serco has developed platforms for government agencies to streamline their operations and improve efficiencies.

Despite their success as a defense contractor, Serco has faced criticism and controversy over their contracts with the government. In 2013, the company was accused of overbilling the government for electronic tagging of criminals in the United Kingdom. Serco acknowledges and takes responsibility for the mistakes made and has taken corrective action to prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

In conclusion, Serco is a global defense contractor that provides essential support services to government agencies around the world. Their expertise in aviation, logistics, cyber security, and intelligence analysis has enabled them to provide tailored solutions that meet their clients` needs. While they have faced criticism over their contracts with the government, they continue to innovate and collaborate with their clients to better serve them and fulfill their mission of protecting their respective nations.